Pedigree Anu ( A Sense of Pleasure's Forever Young )

Int & Swiss & Lux & FR- Ch

WJW 2003

Trialer Elite A


Thanks A Lot de la Legende de la Loutre


FCI- Workingcertificate 

Int & Fr & Swiss- CH Trialer Elite A


Foulby Tittle Tattle


FCI- Workingcertificate 


Lindall Morse

Davricard Bobby Shafto

Lindall Rachelle

Cuanbank Irish Lilly

at Foulby

Cannonridge Jackdaw

Foulby Classic

Int & CS & Lux- Ch.  Trialer Elite A

Lejie Vanity Fair


FCI- Workingcertificate 


GB Sh- Ch


Rocheby Sailing By 

Kupros Master Mariner

Rocheby Shady Night

GB Sh- Ch


Lejie My Fair Lady

Poolstead Pretentious at Rocheby

Lejie Bobby's Girl


Dt- Ch VDH

Lux- Ch

Dt. Jgd. Ch ( VDH & LCD )

A Sense of Pleasures Angel of Harlem


FCI- Workingcertificate 



Int. & Swiss Ch

Utter Nonsens Of Tintagel Winds JW


FCI- Workingcertificate 


Lembas To The Moon And Back JW

Sandylands Gad-About

Lembas Mystirious Girl


Pooles Memory Of Tintagel Winds 

Carromers Charlie Chalk

Lasting Memory Of Tintagel Winds 

Dt- Ch (VDH)

Lux- Ch



Chloe z Kastanove aleje


FCI- Workingcertificate 


Cr & Hu & CZ- CH

Trendsetter of Tintagel Winds 

Carpenny Catch Pole

On The Road Again Of Tintagel Winds Trialer

Rocheby Smokescreen

Cilka z Kastanove aleje

Babetta z Libusina Chovu